Rebrand an established company to energize and sharpen the message.


PlanOmatic is a successful real estate technology company that was coming up on a decade in the business of sourcing local professional photography, floorplans and imaging for listings when they reached out to us. Things were going well. But they wanted to turn up their creativity and both look and talk differently than their competitors.


1000watt dug deep into PlanOmatic’s culture, successes and challenges and found a colorful goldmine that sparked a playground of creative design and marketing ideas at 1000watt - ranging from chocolate wrappers to postcards to homes with thoughts and feelings.

We started by creating a newly centered brand story and visual identity that more closely matched the brand characteristics we found lying under the surface. Then we quickly moved into planning this new brand story and visual identity’s launch.


  • Story and messaging
  • Logo/Visual Identity Design
  • Marketing strategy


1000watt continues to work with PlanOmatic to bring their story to market in creative ways.

Logo/Visual Identity Design

Story and messaging


We always knew who we were, but needed help exposing our true selves to the industry. We wanted something genuine but so good and so unique that it couldn’t be mimicked. 1000watt delivered everything we needed and more.


Kori Covigaru