Illustrated Properties

Reclaiming a storied brand that defines luxury

Illustrated Properties is a well known top-producing luxury brokerage in the Palm Beach, Fla., market. After nearly 50 years, the brand had found itself at an inflection point, wanting to re-energize and create consistency across touchpoints, and amplify its story to the marketplace. The time had come to reclaim the brand’s sophistication and present a more vibrant story to the world. 

We uncovered a tight-knit, storied brand with a stellar local reputation and a flare for authentic luxury. We helped the team articulate luxury in a way that felt true to their agents, their history, and their clients. 

Our messaging work articulated a point of view centered around signature service and sophistication. And our visual work highlighted moments in a similar fashion, drawing from strength and local details, and pushing the company’s historical teal to new territory.

The result was an exciting moment for Illustrated Properties to boldly move ahead and lead in a changing luxury landscape.

“1000WATT was introduced to me at a time when our brand desperately needed something- we just didn’t know what. Our nearly 50-year-old brokerage had an incredible story to tell, but we didn’t have the mechanism to share it. Our brand identity had been so diluted that nothing we created looked or felt like us. The team at 1000WATT expertly interpreted a jumbled mix of stories and ideas into a roadmap that helped shape the beautiful brand identity we have today. Working with them was not only an absolute pleasure, but an incredible learning experience. We are grateful to have been introduced to such a dynamic firm & look forward to continuing to work with them well into the future. The combination of Illustrated Properties and 1000WATT was an absolute game changer.”

Liz Nunes
Chief Brand Officer, Illustrated Properties