Positioning a property management group as a wealth management innovator.
  • Brand positioning
  • Content strategy
  • Messaging
  • Logo and identity system design
  • Web design
HSPM isn’t your typical ‘cut-the-grass/collect-the-rent check’ property management company. They’re an advanced group that employs data, analytics, and financial understanding to build generational wealth for property investors. So they needed a sophisticated brand to match. We led HSPM through a strategic discovery process to surface and curate what makes them so special. We clarified their unique point of view to position them differently than any other competitor in the space. Built robust user personas that embodied their audiences — both current and desired. Created fresh messaging to articulate their true voice. Developed a new logo and visual identity system to reflect their modern spirit. Then we brought it all together with a cutting-edge website — bringing their brand story to life, and their brand-new identity to the world.  

The next generation of property management

HSPM is steeped in forward-thinking advice and modern technologies. So we staked that claim in their brand story, with a heavy emphasis on next-gen property management and transformational terminology. 

Strong geometry for simple elegance

We constructed a new logotype based on perfect geometric forms. Then we developed a full design motif around five base shapes. This motif complements the logo and allows for a wide range of design options.

These shapes also offer a unique way to incorporate imagery. Here, photography and geometry combine for a fresh visual brand system.

An intuitive website that serves our larger strategy.

We designed an online experience for property investors that’s clear, engaging, and easily accessible. And we populated it with relevant content, told in a friendly voice and accompanied by beautiful, contemporary visuals. It’s unmistakably HSPM — speaking to their vast expertise while faithfully serving their customers’ wants and needs.