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Friday Flash: Blind love and high-class shade

Author Brian Boero
No. 1234

I have long said, with the exaggeration sometimes necessary when making a contrarian point, that homebuyers and sellers are worse off today than they were before online listings, home values, reviews, and sale prices. An article published…

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The harpoon and the rowboat

Author Marc Davison
No. 1233

“Recruiting and retention.” Terms we say often and without thinking. Which is too bad because today’s agent is a different breed. They’re smart. Enterprising. Educated. Independent. Branded. The old way of approaching this in the brokerage business…

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The ‘Forever Brand’ seizes the moment

Author Brian Boero
No. 1232

Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices had succeeded in becoming a top global real estate network. But the visual identity and brand strategy the company launched with in 2013 had become limiting. Everything needed to work, to cohere, worldwide. People…

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Friday Flash: What if and why not

Author Brian Boero
No. 1231

Early this year, I wrote a piece titled The monster under the bed, in which I observed that the industry was largely unprepared for the fallout the building legal and regulatory pressure on buy-side commissions might bring. …

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