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Friday Flash: The invisible brokerage

Author Brian Boero
No. 1186

Marc and I met Guy Gal, Co-Founder of Side, about two years ago.  We hit it off.  He was very smart, which we expected.  But he was also deeply informed, which kind of surprised us.  Many entrepreneurs…

Show and tell

Author Brian Boero
No. 1185

At any one time, the 1000watt team is working on at least a dozen projects. Variety isn’t something we want for.  The day may begin with a strategy session for a new proptech company in stealth mode,…

Friday Flash: I am not a lead

Author Brian Boero
No. 1184

Way back, sometime in 2008, about a year after starting 1000watt, Marc and I made a video to make a point. It was scripted. The production values were terrible (in our defense, it was 13 years ago!)….

A glass of cold water

Author Jessica Swesey
No. 1183

Spend a little time studying sales and marketing and it quickly becomes clear: the money’s in the offer. It’s gotta be irresistible. Ramit Sethi, a personal finance expert I follow, does this really well. He has dozens…

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