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Word association

Author Brian Boero
No. 1220

Let’s play a little game of word association, OK?  Here goes: PROPERTY MANAGEMENT I’m going to go out on a limb and say your answers are something like, “investing,” “repairs,” “maintenance,” or “screening.” Not exactly the stuff…

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Friday Flash: The monster under the bed

Author Brian Boero
No. 1219

There’s a lot not being said about the monster hiding under the industry’s bed right now.  Andrea Brambila at Inman is doing a great job reporting on the litigation and regulatory developments threatening to restructure real estate,…

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Friday Flash: Country Radio

Author Brian Boero
No. 1218

I spent three days this week driving across the wide-open spaces of Montana with my daughter.  Interstate and backroad, mountain and plain, “city” and town. We ditched Spotify and listened to radio — country radio — the whole time. …

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Friday Flash: 2 years

Author Brian Boero
No. 1217

2 years ago this week, the real estate market was dead in the water, and the floor had fallen out beneath us. County recording offices in many markets had closed down, which meant, in the most understandable…

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