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A mortgage leader warms up

Author Brian Boero
No. 1174

“This company is amazing.”  That’s what our friend and real estate/mortgage/tech superstar Ginger Wilcox told us. She had joined Home Point Financial as Chief Experience Officer just a few weeks before and was already moving fast on…

Plain white toast

Author Jessica Swesey
No. 1173

We seem to have a problem in real estate marketing with table stakes. We rarely go beyond them. Table stakes are the bare minimum offering. They are “first-level” creativity. When articulating your difference, table stakes would be…

Friday Flash: A giant fight

Author Brian Boero
No. 1172

Trulia launched in 2005 by scraping listings to prime the supply/demand, content/traffic pump (remember that?!). The company then cut a bunch of broker deals to get listings directly, and began dialing-in SEO big time. The supply/demand flywheel…

Killin’ the dream

Author Jessica Swesey
No. 1171

Here’s something that hit me the other day while working on some copy for a 1000watt client:  Why are so many people stuck on the notion of homeownership being a dream? For too long, this metaphor has…

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