Creative solutions are our wheelhouse. Real estate is our focus.

Since 2007, we’ve been inside hundreds of real estate companies, big and small, from coast to coast and beyond. Proptech and media powerhouses. Mortgage and title firms. Scrappy start-ups. Home builders. International franchises. Rising, market-dominating teams. With each, we dig deep and apply creative and strategic thinking to help solve problems and chart new territories.

Our team combines deep real estate domain expertise with skilled design, copy and marketing skills. We’re insiders who don’t think like insiders. Outsiders with a fresh perspective. Always willing to poke at assumptions and test what’s possible.


Brian Boero

Brian has been in real estate media, marketing and technology since 1997. Before Co-Founding 1000WATT, Brian served as President of Inman, real estate’s leading trade media company, and as CEO of VREO, where he created e-signature and document management software for tablet PCs. Brian has led dozens of companies through complex brand and marketing challenges and leads the 1000WATT team daily.

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Marc Davison

Marc has spent much of his career helping brands both inside and outside of real estate reach deep within and say something authentic and new. He entered real estate in 1998, when he contracted with Inman News to help build their brand and market their services. That’s where he met Brian Boero. Together they formed an incredible creative bond that led to the launch of 1000WATT in 2007. Marc’s 40 years of brand-building experience has helped many real estate companies discover their true brilliance and differentiation. He’s a proven speaker who can take an audience on an engaging journey inside the workings of a brand agency and reveal the hidden secrets of how to build a lasting and loved brand.

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Natasha Jones

Natasha’s expertise lies in managing creative projects and teams toward great outcomes. She has worked in project management and creative production for both scrappy start-ups and large corporations and brings a “figure it out” ethos to her work running the 1000WATT operation daily.


Jessica Swesey

Jessica spends her days creating compelling brand strategies and messaging that connects with customers of companies in the real estate vertical. Her superpower is getting underneath the hood of a brand problem, identifying the big creative opportunity, and carving an actionable path forward. She has a nose for narrative that she developed in her years as a journalist, and a knack for finding the twist that helps brands stand out. She combines a strategic and creative mind with over a decade of copywriting experience to shape brand stories and language that connect, attract, and make clients fall in love with their companies again.


Addison Garvey

Senior Producer

Abby Koier


Steph Kopp


Becca Middleton


Kate Nutting


Brandon Sonnier

Senior Designer

Lia Zhu

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