Leading Real Estate Companies of the World

Leading Real Estate Companies of the World

Rebrand your organization to position it for the future.


LeadingRE had grown rapidly in the past decade, expanding well beyond its roots in relocation to become a global community of over 550 market-leading real estate brokerages.

It was this growth that led them to approach 1000watt with two big asks. First, to develop a LeadingRE brand story that would clearly communicate the company’s value and empower members to leverage their LeadingRE membership more strongly in their local markets. Second, to create a new LeadingRE brand logo and identity system that would capture the company’s prominent position, but would also work more elegantly as an ingredient brand within member marketing.


It was a Rubik’s Cube-like challenge to align the myriad factors at play here. A seven-word name. A diverse membership spanning 60 countries. A strong brand that also needed to work as an ingredient brand in local markets.

1000watt solved the puzzle by focusing the company’s message on three pillars — Quality, Connections and Independence — that encapsulated the LeadingRE mission and value proposition.

Next, we designed a cleaner, more elegant logo and visual identity system that emphasized “leading” while at the same time made the logo easier for members to use in their own local marketing.


  • Brand story and message development
  • Logo/Visual identity creation
  • Marketing campaign strategy and creative
  • Copywriting


LeadingRE launched their new message and brand identity in the fall of 2016 to widespread enthusiasm and adoption by real estate brokers and agents worldwide.

Visual Identity


1000watt discovered the essence of what our brand stands for and then worked their magic to articulate that story with style and substance.


Pam O’Connor