Bright MLS

Bright MLS

Re-imagine the MLS brand and story.


When the leadership at two large MLSs, MRIS and TREND, decided to combine and create a new kind of company (and the nation’s largest MLS), they wanted a brand and message as different and audacious as their vision.

They came to 1000watt to help shape that brand and its story to maximize its impact on the market today and beyond.


We quickly got to work mining this new entity’s brand characteristics in order to find the right name. Once we landed on Bright, we then designed its visual identity and constructed the brand’s narrative, defining its core promise, unique value and mission.

Bright needed to break from its past. The MLS brand landscape - currently rooted in geographic or utilitarian names and identities - was not going to work for Bright or its vision of a better future.

We created the tagline, Power of us, to reflect Bright’s core mission to be a powerful and effective organization by virtue of its membership, leadership and focus forward. It’s a statement that highlights Bright’s promise to make the MLS easier to use, and more valuable, for its customers and their clients.


  • Brand Naming
  • Story and Messaging
  • Logo/Visual Identity Design
  • Marketing Strategy


The Bright brand was revealed to the industry with much interest and positive feedback at the end of 2016. Bright launched a public website to kick off the new organization in January 2017. It has received good attention from Inman and prominent industry bloggers and, most importantly, has earned to praise and excitement of the agents and brokers it serves.

Logo/Visual Identity Design

Marketing Collateral