When it’s time to adapt,
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1000WATT helps you reinvigorate your brand and articulate your strengths in head-turning ways so you can turn challenges into opportunities.

Pivotal moments call for creative solutions

We’ve helped dozens of real estate’s most powerful brands reinvent their visual identities, craft new narratives, and strategize new paths forward.

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Brand Campaign

Slifer Smith & Frampton

Slifer Smith & Frampton had grown into a regional powerhouse. We helped them tell that story better through brand strategy, messaging and design.


Visual Identity

Jack Conway

Jack Conway built a strong family-led legacy, expanded into new markets, and was ready to refresh the company’s image to signal an exciting future ahead.


Brand Strategy

Harvard Homes

Harvard Homes, a Houston-based builder, needed a new brand message and appealing design to stand out and express what makes them unique.


Positioning, Strategy & Big Ideas

We’ve helped dozens of companies strategize and launch new products and services that communicate a strong story and turn heads.

“The leadership, the team, the process, the outcome… It’s no secret that 1000WATT is the most successful branding, marketing, communications, and design company in the real estate industry.”

Phil Slocum

Slocum Real Estate & Insurance, Broker / Owner

Our North Star

What could be more critical than housing? Helping people buy and sell homes is one of the most important jobs in our country, and it deserves to be shown in a respected, intelligent, authentic light. We want those who do it best and with the most heart to win. We pursue this North Star in a number of ways:


Our creative agency work enables us to light up brands in custom, collaborative relationships.

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Our live events inspire and stir creative thinking and problem solving across housing.

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