Getting back out there

A long time ago, before March of 2020, Marc and I used to do some public speaking. A talk here, a keynote there. Not on the “speaking circuit” exactly, but a few things in between running 1000WATT

We always learned things by doing this. And people seemed to like our presentations on branding, marketing and industry trends delivered from our unique point of view. 

There were some fun times. 

Like when I kept getting dinged going through security in San Diego, only to realize on my third try that my lavalier mic was still clipped to my chest and waist. Or the time Marc thought he was giving a small talk at RE/MAX R4, only to learn upon entering the room that he was to give a keynote to 2,000 people (he did great). 

And I will never forget standing in front of 400 curious French people at a proptech conference in Paris the morning after the 2016 Presidential election. I changed my first slide to a photo of Clinton and Trump and simply said, “Je ne sais pas!” 

Anyway, to get to the point: We are getting back out there. 

We’ll be doing a limited number of in-person speaking engagements, and at least as many over Zoom. Because we miss the adventure and energy, and, to be honest, our homes are starting to feel like the penthouse of the Desert Inn circa 1970. 

This time, Valerie Garcia, who joined 1000WATT last year after years delighting audiences herself, will be on our roster. If you know Val, you know she rocks. 

If you’re interested in having one of us speak at your event or meeting, you can get details and topics here

There’s an upper limit on the number of engagements we can book, so if you’re interested, please reach out sooner rather than later.