1000WATT Index rebuilt – bigger, faster, now with more links

Back in January we launched the Global Real Estate Index, an attempt to catalog and index real estate startups and technology companies around the world.

It was a resounding success. Such a success, in fact, that the WordPress infrastructure on which it was originally built quickly became burdensome.

We quickly realized we had to tear everything down and rebuild. Thankfully, our rock star developer was up to the task and set about re-architecting the backend and rewriting the code from scratch.

Today, it’s all done. We have pushed live the brand new 1000WATT Index.

There are now over 650 companies on the list. Joining the Index on this update are the following companies:

Please take a moment to visit 1000wattindex.com and update your bookmarks.

Finally, if you’re involved in real estate technology and don’t see yourself on the list – please take a moment to submit your details to the site. As always, all submissions are reviewed by the principals at 1000WATT Consulting before publication. Publication in the 1000WATT Index does not constitute an official recommendation or endorsement, nor is any financial compensation ever accepted for inclusion.