The 1000WATT Index expands worldwide

When we launched the 1000WATT Index in January, we knew it would never stop growing.

And over the last year, we’ve steadily added companies and categories, growing it to become a comprehensive guide to real estate technology service providers in the US.

During this time, we also received many submissions from companies overseas. Many of them were interesting to us. A lot of innovation was indeed happening outside U.S. borders.

Expanding the Index was only a matter of time.

So, today, the Index goes global. We’ve nearly doubled the number of links to progressive companies and expanded it to include several key new regions; right now, Canada, Asia Pacific and Europe.

Befitting these new additions we’ve transformed the 1000WATT Index into the Global Real Estate Index.

We also found a partner uniquely positioned to help us do this. We are pleased to announce that this new site is a joint initiative between 1000WATT Consulting and our friends at Classified AdVentures.

Classified AdVentures was started by Simon Baker, formerly the CEO of REA Group. His team works with property portals and franchise groups in all major international markets.

Their blogs Property Portal Watch and Property Ad Guru are two of the most widely read online publications to cover the global real estate scene.

Together, we have big plans for the Index in 2011, which includes the expansion into more markets (South America is coming soon).

So, if you have a company you’d like to see featured on the Index, head on over to and submit your request. As always, we review all submissions personally, insuring that what we publish meets our criteria.

If you have ideas for new categories, or how we can make the Index more useful, please email them to info [at]

Around the world, innovators are bringing bright real estate ideas to life online. The Global Real Estate Index was built to help you discover them.