Another Joel, a new adventure

We are happy to announce that Joel Beasley has joined us as lead software developer.

Joel is a talented technologist, with just enough real estate experience. Most recently, he led a team that stitched together torn patches of technology within large real estate brokerages. A tough job. And he’s got almost a decade of building really good web apps under his belt.

He’s smart, sensible and intensely focus on usability. We like that.


When Marc and I started 1000WATT, we decided to build a business around a simple belief we shared:

Real estate is important, and it must be better.

We’ve tried to remain true to that in our work, helping companies aiming, in their own ways, to improve this industry. It has been successful and fulfilling. That work will continue to expand.

But we want to take things a little further. So we’re going to build products – web apps – small projectiles hurled against the dark glass of real estate’s “Fortress of Suckitude.” They may crack the barriers or bounce right back in our face, but we’re going to have at it nonetheless.

It’s an exciting time to be doing this. The era of crappy real estate software is waning. The prevailing modus operandi of the real estate tech community over the past 20 years – selling stupid stuff to stupid people – is dissolving in the face of new apps and savvier real estate pros.

We’ve built products before. We’ve succeeded and we’ve failed. We know some things, but don’t know so many more. So we’ll ask for your help along the way.

But the first thing we ask is that you help us welcome Joel. He’s signed on for a fun but long adventure – one on which we hope you’ll ride along too.