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Marc Davison

Partner, Chief Creative

Stickball. Lindsey Nelson. George Harrison. Leo Fender. William S. Burroughs. My parents. Golda Meir. Prof. Frank Sauer. Gary Kromirs. Bill Graham.

These are the things and people that shaped the person I am today.

Brad Inman brought me into real estate in 1998. Without knowing that it couldn’t be done, I built and branded a real estate content syndicate as a hobby after selling my agency in NYC and moving to California the year before. I signed on to help build the Inman brand and business and it’s where I met the people I’d want to spend the rest of my career with - Brian, Joel and Jessica.

I’m Marc Davison. I work at 1000watt. I help companies move from being regular to special - their rightful place.

Brian Boero

Partner, CEO

I have been in online real estate and media since 1997. Before that I worked in politics. Real estate has much nicer people. Before starting 1000watt in 2007 with Marc Davison, I was CEO of a company called VREO, which created e-signature and document management software for tablet PCs. Before that, I was President of Inman News. I live in Oakland, CA.

Joel Burslem

Partner, Chief Strategist

I’ve worked in marketing and technology my whole career. I’ve had several stints in media, startups and in other agencies over my career. Some of you may also remember the blog I started writing in 2006, the Future of Real Estate Marketing. I sold it to Inman News in 2007 and became their Director of Marketing and ultimately, their VP of Content. I joined 1000watt in 2009. I’m Canadian, but I live in Portland, OR, and am RCTID.

Jessica Swesey

Partner, Chief Marketer

I joined 1000watt in 2012 after working in online real estate and digital media for over 10 years. In addition to working with some of the top brands in real estate, I’ve done marketing, content development and PR for rising startups in the social, mobile and ad tech industries, as well as AARP. How’s that for well rounded? Before that, I was Managing Editor and VP of Content for Inman News. I love to lift heavy things and unplug on the weekends. I live in Oakland, CA.

Patrick Sanders

Creative Director

I’m a Florida native, not from the beach, but from the swamps (not literally, but it paints a pretty good picture). I’m classically trained with a Fine Arts degree and have found reason and meaning in the work I do as a designer and creative leader. I’ve taught design and portfolio classes to a diverse range of students, and that experience resonates with my goal of making the design and branding process fun and inclusive for everyone involved. I bring experience in branding and strategy work across a broad set of industries, and it’s that experience that complements the great work we do for the Real Estate industry.

From a higher level, ideas and vision are important to me and I’m committed to the romantic idea that strong and innovative design still has the ability to inspire great things in this world. My energy for life mirrors the energy I have for my work. Who I am deserves a constantly evolving description, but the way I approach my work is consistent: get better, always.

Natasha Jones

Director of Project Management

My starter house was an 800 square foot Cape Cod where I learned to cook like an adult, had my first baby and grew a successful vegetable garden.

My second house was built in 1910. During the 12 years there, I met neighbors who would become lifelong friends, I had my second son, and I (barely) survived a major kitchen and bathroom remodel.

A few months ago we made another move, to a newer construction tucked up into Portland’s Forest Park. My new hobbies include feeding the birds and deer that happen upon the yard. This is the home where my kids will turn into young adults and it will comfort me when my they go off to college.

As the newest member of this impressive team, I look forward to orchestrating the magic of collaboration and creativity to help real estate brands resonate with their audiences and ultimately help more people find the perfect home to hold their dearest memories and dreams.

Corina Allender


After graduating from college, I left the cold winters of Massachusetts to return to my native Oregon. Armed with a Women's Studies degree, I sampled a few workplaces before finding my way to marketing. With an eye for the big picture, I enjoy executing projects both large and small. I relish planning trips, parties, menus and adventures; organizing, calculating and brainstorming is all part of the fun! In my spare time l jet off to faraway places, make up recipes and bike far distances.

Darcy Walker


I have a journalism and multimedia background that spans from studying foreign correspondence in Austria and running social media accounts for property management companies to decorating film sets for true-crime show reenactments and marketing documentary films. I most recently worked in marketing and graphic design for an engineering consulting firm. My current side missions: learn how to draw, run more than a mile, backpack the Enchantment Lakes in the North Cascades, listen to every episode of This American Life, travel to Patagonia, talk to more strangers. I’m inspired by my siblings (one brother, two poodles), free-spirited (retired) parents, and Rachel Maddow.

North Bryan

Senior Designer

The desire to create visual narratives, complete with their own structures and systems, hooked me early on. It had me study advertising and design, and then later find my niche working specifically with brands at levels crucial to their success. In my career I’ve been lucky enough to overhaul the look of global hotel chains, develop campaigns for national wine makers, and help rebrand local non-profits for more impact. Even though each project was different and problem distinct, in the end they all amounted to the same process: Create a good story that connected. That’s what I do.

India Myers

Junior Designer

My love for art and design began at a very young age, leading me to study a multitude of art disciplines at a performing arts school from middle to high school. I chose to pursue my passion for visual art into higher education, graduating with a BS in Graphic Design from Portland State University. I value clean, peaceful design that engages the viewer through meaningful connections to the layout, type, and color scheme. When I’m not busy designing, I’m expressing my creativity through fashion and laughing way too hard at The Office reruns.

Damien Dawahare

Junior Designer

I’m an artist and designer originally from Las Vegas, Nevada. Printmaking led me into graphic design through explorations of color and layout, which led me to my studies at Pacific Northwest College of Art. My work ranges from traditional printmaking techniques, interactive design and branding. I like to utilize line and color in order to interpret light and space.

In my career I’ve worked and collaborated on projects in public spaces and have helped develop identity systems for national brands. When I'm not designing, I'm usually out exploring Portland or floating down the stream of great tv with my wife and pup.

Shea Stone

Project Manager

Denver gave me roots and history. Portland gives growth and life. Both of these backdrops hold equal importance in my heart. I vibe to Billy Joel. My best friend is my mother. I will greet your dog before I greet you. 11 out of 10 times I will say yes to food and cocktails. I try to surround myself with folks who make me laugh - you know, those ugly, straight from the gut laughs. Everything creative gives me a pulse.

I was first introduced to the industry through PlanOmatic, a real estate services company, where I came for a job and found a family. I was taught how to work hard, have fun doing it, and trust my gut. In fact, I trusted it so undoubtedly from the moment I departed Denver, that with faith, persistence, and a little help from my friends, I ended up right where I belong - with my 1000watt tribe. Everyday, I get to work with these insanely talented craftspeople as we help real estate brands differentiate themselves, and elevate their game so that their suits of armor become as strong as their hearts of gold.

Abby Koier

Project Manager

I grew up in rural Vermont and set out west to create a career for myself that didn’t exist in my hometown. My experience in marketing includes both in-house and agency work. I have written and executed marketing plans for international tourism. I have strategized campaigns and built websites for law firms. I have analyzed geographic source data for destination resorts. When I’m not mapping out a project, sweating the details or sending you an email with a quick update — I’m probably planning a meal I want to cook that will take 4-6 hours, or scoping out spots for my next trip. (Don’t worry, I’ll still be available by email, phone, and video conferencing).

Lawrence Werner

Senior Copywriter

Over the last two decades I’ve worked as a copywriter for advertising agencies both big and small. Everyone from global giants to smaller hot shops that still have something to prove. By nature I tend to be curious, strategic, thoughtful and quick with a sarcastic quip. In a previous life I worked as a computer programmer and tech support specialist. When I’m not writing copy, you can usually find me surfing, reading or making furniture.