Where are all the marketing experts?

My_rig I was shopping again for a vintage guitar on eBay. This took place after I had to explain to my wife why the eight guitars I currently own (not all are pictured here) aren’t enough. There is a particular sound I need for a recording and only a 1962 Gibson Les Paul SG with PAF pickups will fit the bill.

Sure enough, I found one. Notice the 75 pictures taken from every conceivable angle.

Now take a look at this $800,000 home on Realtor.com and note the 6 pictures.

Or here, $2,000,000+ listing on Realtor.com. There are no pictures at all.

Now go here and check out this $169 suit on eBay. A $169 suit marketed better than most homes on Realtor.com!

A waterfall of content and images.
eBay sellers get it.
eBay shoppers expect it.
It makes their world spin in perfect harmony.
Buyers and sellers working together.
Cheese on macaroni.
Real estate has no such synergy.
Oil and water.
For every k’ching the agent chooses not to spend to upload more pictures, a dozen consumers are dissapointed.
They diminish their promise to the customer.
They destroy their own claims to expertise.
They fall short of their commitments.
Their words mean nothing. Their conversation — one sided.

It matters little what Realtor.com’s photo policy is.
Posting 6 pictures is a disgrace.
Posting none is borderline criminal.

Its time to fix what’s broken. 
You owe it to your clients.
You owe it to the people who want to sell their homes so they can move on with their lives.
You owe it to every person who steps into your web space and leaves unfulfilled.
You owe it to yourself.