What's in and what's out for 2008

We’re not going to serve up predictions for 2008. But we do have a sense for what will wax and what
will wane in the coming year.


Some of the things
below are related to hot topics from last year we think will take hold;
are derived from observations taken in the trenches of real estate and
technology from 1997 to 2007. All focus on our work with brokerage
online real estate startups and media companies.


So, here goes …


What’s in for 2008

  • Honesty and transparency in communicating with consumers left jaded by a rough 2007
  • Public-facing MLS Websites (They have the goods and will start flexing their
  • Good blogs and bloggers
  • Consumer real estate marketing informed by truly careful consideration of actual consumer needs
    (This is harder than it sounds)
  • Mobile real estate transactions (Less costly, better customer experience, mature technology and
  • Cheap and easy online video to market listings
  • Using free web apps for things you used to pay for
  • Collaborating across old political divides
  • Less data, better user experience
  • Open source website and blog platforms

What’s out for 2008

  • IDX products that were cutting edge in 1997
  • Search advertising
  • "Featured listings" on your website
  • Venture funded online real estate startups
  • Map-based listings search (just because something looks cool doesn’t mean it’s the best way to
    get something done)
  • Blogs that are poorly written, unfocused and born of a desire for SEO
  • Getting away with a less than excellent brokerage website
  • Recruiting anyone who can fog a mirror
  • Stealth anything
  • Bull****ing consumers

What have we missed? What’s on your list? Let us know.

Here’s to a great 2008!

Davison and Boero