Today was a good day

100 or so brokers, from Boston to Virginia, gathered for an event.

These were regular folks. Men and women. Your age and mine. They do the same things you do. They manage the same agents. Lead the same teams. They deal with the same issues you do. Financial. Generational. Technical. And grapple with the challenge of how to define today when yesterday is a distant memory and tomorrow is mere seconds from arriving.

They are like you in every way you can imagine. And that doesn’t sit well with them. Not that it ever had. But this time things are different.

My day with them was a sweat lodge. Attendees all tied to one very serious tribe.

Presentation after presentation, the speakers – leaders – touched upon each of the attendees pain points. Is there a path forward? Where can I find it? And if I do, what then?

Each speaker, powerful. They delivered flawless streams of practicality. Suggesting the hardest, safest, damndest, most insanely logical solutions. Not the saccharine filled solutions that are all too sweet to the taste but leave you with deep cavities.

Real paths forward.

100 or so brokers arrived here with satchels freighted with heaviness. They left filled with plans. I know some are going to execute.

Today was a great day.

Sunrise. Taken from iPhone 3GS