Real Estate's Meaty Beaty Big and Bouncy

A mother and daughter approached as I strolled through the lobby. They were locked in conversation; I was hallucinating from the pattern of the carpet.

As we passed each other, I heard mom say, “They are people who sell real estate.” I assumed the little girl asked her who all the people were filling up the resort.

The real estate people.

What is a real estate agent?

I was speaking at a conference at which agents had converged to celebrate a milestone: making it through the worst of times. Still standing. They ate, drank, partied and hopefully snagged a few goodies to help them weather whatever the heck is coming next.

At events like this our industry rubs shoulders with America. Agents, brokers, speakers and vendors – all on display.

One citizen, this mom, offered her impression of real estate to her child. She summed up the role you play as a professional tied to one’s of life’s basic necessities:

You are “people who sell real estate.”

Is that you? Is that who you want to be?


You know this is true: A home is the most important purchase most people will ever make.

Most consumers know this too. Some gained this knowledge the hard way. The public vibes this loud and clear.

They think it’s important. You think it’s important.

A good marketer recognizes this shared sentiment for what it is: gold.

They build on that, express that, make it come alive in every interaction at every touch point. They make it manifest in every word they write, every tweet they tweet, ever promise they make and keep.

This is Important

Joe the school teacher is about to buy a home. And immerses himself in the most important decision he will ever make. The last thing Joe needs is a salesman. He’s already committed to buying. His needs are different. He wants to make doubly sure that what he buys is sound. That the price is right. And that all the other land mines about which he has only a vague but dark awareness of, are avoided at all costs.

Bob is a Realtor. 22 years. He understands Joe.He also understands that like a cop who protects the law or a farmer who feeds people, real estate agents do more than sell homes. The good ones, nurture the dream of home ownership. Guardians of something important.

This belief guides Bob’s action. You feel that when in his presence. Everything he does give that off. His handshake is solid. His voice mail uplifting. His email sincere.

At every touch you get the vibe Bob respects the role he plays in something important.  Bob is not a salesman.

Real Estate’s Meaty Beaty Big and Bouncy

What if 1,000 Bobs convened at a conference to honor the industry they are dedicated to protect.

What decisions would those attending make to project their combined commitment to the public – especially if the public were in attendance.

What decisions would the planners of the convention make to exemplify the deepest, most sympathetic attributes of the people like Bob and the great industry he works in.

Would the Oscar Meyer Sausage Man been told to put a wrapper on his link?

"Oscar man at real estate convention"

This was the real estate industry’s moment. In the main hallway, by the entrance door to ballroom. A bulbed talisman of the frivolous.  Real estate’s Meaty Beaty Big and Bouncy.

Mommy saw this. So did her innocent child. While on vacation at a Midwestern waterpark.

Bob wept.