Re-branding, one byte at a time

Out with the old, in with the new.

This is my new business card. Built with retaggr.

I offer this as Exhibit A in the case for how important, and, in some cases, how easy it is to re-brand yourself — one touchpoint at a time.

Brokers, I think it’s important to introduce this to your agents and explain how those elements they place on their current card — fax number, street address, designations — are quickly becoming, or have already become, obsolete. Retaggr offers them a way to replace those things that brand them as old, and very much like everyone else, with a new identity defined by their social profiles, widgets, and myriad of contact options.

These cards can be embedded on blogs, websites, or used as an email signature. I would even print them for use as an offline business card. I believe that a string of highly recognizable icons like MySpace LastFM, Gtalk, etc., will say more about who agents are as individuals then the string of letters that make up designations that no one understands or arguably even cares about.

And if those icons are not recognizable, at the very least they make for a conversation that most will find more interesting than a 3-hour course taken 10 years ago.

It’s simple.
It’s free.
And it’s a neat little way to connect with an entirely new generation of buyers and sellers who might be drawn to you by something as simple as your LastFM playlist.