You are not everyone

This particular Godin post is worth reading.

If cementing a relationship is all about the lasting impression – what have you done lately to create a long lasting bond with your customers?

Given today’s market conditions and economic trends, does the average American homeowner posses the analytical skills to convert what they hear and think they know about market conditions into cold hard facts about their home value?

I would say, most do not.

Maybe here is an opportunity to make a difference. It certainly wouldn’t hurt if any one of the many agents I’ve bought homes from in the last 5 years would call me and avail themselves in sharing their market knowledge and assessment both short term and long term to my wife and I.

Not only would it ease some of our concerns, it would probably go a long way in cementing a relationship that is right now, very much up in the air and up for grabs.

Sure you can send a monthly newsletter with graphs and charts.
But everyone does that.
You are not everyone.

– Davison