Why we should fix what isn't broke

Don’t fix what isn’t broke. I’m starting to become a big believer that this is a pretty useless adage, made up by uninspired people who coined a battle cry in their war for not having to think. 

Why not fix what isn’t broken? Would that not be a great way to gain advantage over the masses embracing complacency?

I was inspired by this video. Not minutes after viewing, I resolved a long-time storage problem in my bedroom closet. I found that just because California Closets assigned certain shelves for shoes and other spaces for sweaters doesn’t mean that can’t be improved upon. With a little bit of rethinking and some rearranging, my closet now holds 30% more items with even less clutter.

Real estate is a closet. Inside its comfortable confines are designated areas to which we’ve all become accustomed, with practices and applications so familiar that often times, you lose sight of how ineffective they truly are.   

Everything can be re-engineered.

From pulling consumers to your site to pushing content out to everyone.

From hiding your core value behind lead forms to gracefully exposing it to whoever chooses to enter your experience.

From the old real estate retail shop to interesting, inviting, real estate lounge.

From storing everything on your computer and being tied to a network to storing everything online and being free to roam the world.

From working your local farm where there’s no action to networking around the country and across the globe.

From thinking about technology as a complication or a wedge to embracing it as your greatest friend.

My closet was a warm enclosure of counterfeit comfort. Now it’s different — and better.