Tips from the 1000WATT grab bag

We’re consumed with work, but here are a few tips from the 1000WATT grab bag we hope you find useful.

More writing from us later in the week when we have some down time (i.e., flying time).

1. Set up a unique conference line for every deal. You can get them for free and it will end the pain of cell phone conferencing and playing double phone tag with spouses/families/partners you have as clients. We’ve used one of these for the past year and have yet to find a reason to switch to a paid service.

2. Set up a wiki for every deal. If you don’t know what a wiki is, it’s basically an online white board and storage box where you and your clients can share notes, documents and more. They are free or nearly free and are likely a lot easier to figure out than the transaction management software you’ve been using.

3.Start using Web conferencing to search along with your buyers. It will save you time and money by surfacing preferences more quickly. It really shines if you have a Relo client. Try FreeConference or Yugma. They’re dirt cheap and, in our experience, perform better than higher-priced offerings like WebEx or GoToMeeting.