The truth serves. It will prevail. And it will inspire

One can follow Twitterto size up the positive sentiment blanketing the United States right now. Obama told it like it is: Times are tough. They are going to get tougher. We are surrounded by hardship. And have been lead there by greed, foolishness and irresponsibility.

And the crowd applauded.

That’s new. We are tired of the whitewashing, the shoveling of the shit under the proverbial rug.

We are ready to hear the truth. We don’t view it as negative, or bad. It serves to lift the veil of confusion and frustration we feel.

The truth will serve. It will prevail. It inspires. And I am convinced it will set you free.

Real estate marketing departments, pay heed. And ask yourselves these question:

Is the voice with which my company speaks believable?

Bad news is not necessarily negative. You customer is ready for it. They might actually be attracted to it. And seek you out to provide the necessary decision support, guidance, and service to help them through it.

This morning, history was made. Obama dished out a little truth. We took it. Gladly.

Brokers, you can do this.

Yes you can.

– Davison
Twitter: 1000wattmarc