The Susquehanna Real Estate Company


This is not a picture of a yard sign from the 1980’s. I wish it was. It’s actually the sign I’ve been staring at for months as I drive drive down my block.  The mere thought of it now makes me crazy.

Sometimes I feel compelled to knock on my neighbor’s door, introduce myself and suggest a few marketing ideas they could pass on their agent.

Or perhaps one idea. Like posting a URL on the sign pointing to a single property website or a blog page where potential buyers could check out the place.

Baby steps.

Other times I feel compelled to call the agent. Pretend I’m a buyer. Inquire about a Website. Or a virtual tour. And see if I can influence a response other than “we don’t do that here.”

I’ve even considered contacting the broker. I’m curious whether there are any standards within the organization that dictate how properties should be listed and marketed. If there are, I’d like to know what the broker does to enforce them.

Maybe there are no standards. Maybe the agents have free reign to do whatever they feel like. Even if that means doing as little as humanly possible to service the customer. After all, they’re independent contractors.

As a result, whatever promise the broker made to the public through its advertising is rendered meaningless. The seller has been detained; buyers deterred. A yard sign weathers in a neighborhood.

And, as in this case, the brand “Prudential” becomes associated with failure.

The other night, while taking a family stroll, I could feel my blood start to boil as the sign came into view. After examining the Lucite box crucified to the wooden stake that now serves as the final resting place for a collection of winged insects I realized its probably been a long time since it has contained any fliers.

So, I think for my own sanity, I’m going to start taking a detour. Drive up the street instead of down and take the longer route to town. Just to avoid the feeling conjured by this Susquehanna Real Estate Company, located here on my block; Bagel Street.

This scene is timeless.  Like the video below. It repeats itself throughout the town where I live and beyond.

But unlike this video, there’s nothing funny about it.

Davison Twitter: 1000wattmarc