The "Big Bang" of Social Networks

Following Connect my social network sphere expanded like the universe after the big bang. The only difference is I don’t view anything out there as space debris.

Here’s the beauty of social networks:

I connect with 10 close friends.
Each one of those friends has 10 close friends (of which I am one).
By connecting with each of those 9 friends my network of 10 friends grows to 90 friends.
Each of them has 10 friends. And on it goes.
Do the math.
I did.

Cynics ask: 

How are you going to manage all those relationships?
How will you distinguish yourself in that maze of connectivity?
How can this possibly replace my old networks?
Who has the time to devote themselves to social networks?

Attention cynics: 

Managing all those relationships. Easy. It’s called technology. One sentence messages. Comments. Quick posts. I’m getting more done, relating to more people and making new friends faster and more efficiently than ever. 

Finding the time. Last time I looked you were complaining business is dead.

Replacing old networks. What old networks? The few hundred clients in your database you’ve been sending recipes too? Nothing will replace face-to-face, but old-school electronic marketing to a network or farm is receding like a rapidly melting glacier. If your prospects are under 62, chances are 20-40% of them are members of social networks. Chances are most of those people also have a cookbook.

Distinguishing yourself. I distinguish myself by actively engaging the network. By having friends post on my Facebook wall or leaving recommendations on LinkedIn. People need other people and social networks allow members to seek each other out for jobs as well as other socially critical needs. Ever check out Craig’s list?