If I were looking for a business role model – she's it.

Martha5 Martha Stewart rocks. I’m not afraid to admit that publicly. As far as I’m concerned she is the perfect argument for anyone who has the guts to tell me change is hard at any age.

She’s her own brand. On her own terms. Doing something everyone else does … just better. She’s high tech. Fully accessorized. She would probably frown on anyone over 50 who said they were computer illiterate. Her website has always been near the top of my list in terms of design.

These days she’s working on Marthapedia, a user generated platform on which everyone from socialites to stay at home moms will offer up better solutions for how to set the perfect table. Her home has an iPod station set up in every room because “it’s an old house with no closets and nowhere to hide wires”.

And she’s been to prison. Might even have a tat somewhere private. Maybe not. Doesn’t change a thing for me, though. If I were looking for a business role model – she’s it.