Dinner with Marc

Tonia Sellers flew from Atlanta, Georgia to Portland, Oregon for the express purpose of meeting Marc Davison. 

Tonia is Managing Partner of Weissman PC, the premier real estate law firm in the Southeast. Marc, of course, is my Co-Founder at 1000watt. 

Marc cooked dinner for Tonia at his home. The conversation touched on business, but was wide-ranging in the best way. If you know Marc, you know how this goes. Tonia went back to Atlanta. 

That was five years ago. 

A few years after that visit, Tonia reached out to say that it was time to invest in a brand overhaul. Weissman’s story, value proposition, visual identity, and website were falling short of the underlying truth: Weissman was a great firm thousands of agents and brokers relied upon to get deals done (Georgia is an attorney closing state).

I often tell prospects that we are not magicians at 1000watt. We can’t make stuff up. If you don’t have a core truth, demonstrable differentiators, or elements of value that can be used to establish clear positioning, well…. we’re not your shop. 

This was not the case here. Seth Weissman, the firm’s founder, literally wrote the book on Georgia real estate law. The entire firm is animated by a true “partner” ethos, meaning they take an active interest in the business of real estate brokerage well beyond the closings that take place in their 18 offices. 

The truth was there. We helped Tonia and her marketing team, led by the marvelous Dori DeRossett, tell it. 

Messaging. Full brand identity. Website design and development. Art and photo direction. It all came together. This was also the first project in which we got to use latin in copywriting. That was fun. 

Take a look at some of the visuals below. If you’re ready to unlock the next chapter for your business, come have dinner with Marc in Portland. Or just drop us a line.