Announcing 1000WATT for Teams

“No, sorry, we don’t work with teams.”

It wasn’t a good answer. We knew it. 

It was, in fact, a lame answer. But it was what we had. Then. 

Team lead after team lead would inquire about our services, and we turned them away. 

Not because we didn’t want to work with teams; we just weren’t set up to do it. 

Our creative and strategic processes were built to work with larger companies with marketing departments, not teams in which the principals are often selling.

It took an amazing client to change that. 


A year ago, a remarkable husband and wife team reached out to us. Marc took the call. 

“No, sorry, we don’t work with teams.”

Their answer:

“That’s not acceptable.”

We are indebted to Beth and Michael Silva for challenging us. Because in the months following this phone call, we figured out how to do great work for a great small company. 

We also discovered that working with a team was gratifying in unique ways. The immediacy between intention and impact was exciting; helping high-caliber professionals rise further above the industry masses was consistent with our mission to make real estate better. Working with a personal brand introduced a level of intimacy that was refreshing. 

And it was fun. 

The positioning, story and brand design work we did for the Silvas was some of our best ever. 

The experience with Beth and Michael springboarded us into a full-on strategic initiative to develop a rock-solid offering for teams that are serious about developing a breakaway brand story and identity. 

Last summer, one of the most respected teams in the country, the Speicher Group, became our first client of this new offering. Chris and Peggy Lyn Speicher trusted us enough to let us do our thing. They love their new brand story and design; we loved working with them. 

We pushed forward, inking a partnership with our friends at Curaytor, who combine technology, marketing services and coaching to serve outstanding teams and agents. We’ve already begun building brands for some of the awesome people in the Curaytor community. 

Things are going well. We have something. It’s time to bring it to the world.

Today we are excited to announce 1000WATT for Teams. All the creative and strategic energy we bring to our work with some of the biggest and most respected brands in real estate can now be focused on serving teams too. 

You can learn more, get a peek at our work with the Silvas and the Speichers, and see the details of our offering here

We are taking on a very small number of Teams projects through the end of the year. That’s not a sales line. It’s true. We are very careful about our commitments. Our work has to be outstanding. 

So if you run a great team, are serious about developing your brand, and interested in working with 1000WATT, our answer is now…

“Yes, let’s do this!”