A gorilla in real estate's midst


My wife and I read to our youngest two boys each night. Gavin, the 7-year old, tends to picks books from my library rather than the children’s that we started 19 years ago with our eldest.

This school year, we tackled Hey Ho Let’s Go, Jonathan Livingston Seagull and The Hobbit. Our current read is Chuck Liddell’s Iceman, My Fighting Life … or, more precisely, the abridged version with lots of daddy edits.

Last night, during bedtime reading, we had a guest: Max, the charming new mascot for Homegain.

Max arrived yesterday, sent by his trainer, Louis Cammarosano, HomeGain’s GM. Gavin found the creature quite appealing. Perhaps it was the plush orange outer fur. Or maybe it was Max’s disarming  smile. Or the cushy inner stuffing that made Max tender to the touch.

Whatever it was, they became instant friends.
Max accompanied Gavin to T-ball.
Hung with him during dinner.
Sat next to him as he played Wii. Later in the evening, we read about Max online. When we were done, Gavin turned to me and asked “Dad, what’s Homegain?”

Great brands find their way into our bloodstream. They infuse themselves into our hearts and minds. They embed themselves into our consciousness. Attain ownership of a piece of real estate in our brain.

That process has a starting point. It could be an ad or a commercial that resonates with a need. Or a website that delivers on its promise. It could be an exchange with a sales person that makes your day. Or something as simple as an immediate response to an inquiry.

Sometimes, it’s something that can’t be explained easily. Like a soft, cuddly Gorilla emblazoned with the logo of an online real estate company.

Last night, I had a front row seat to real estate brand story staring an orange primate who piqued the interest of a little boy. He’s awaiting the sequel.

– Davison.