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Marc Davison

Chief Creative

Stickball. Lindsey Nelson. George Harrison. Leo Fender. William S. Burroughs. My parents. Golda Meir. Prof. Frank Sauer. Gary Kromirs. Bill Graham.

These are the things and people that shaped the person I am today.

Brad Inman brought me into real estate in 1998. Without knowing that it couldn’t be done, I built and branded a real estate content syndicate as a hobby after selling my agency in NYC and moving to California the year before. I signed on to help build the Inman brand and business and it’s where I met the people I’d want to spend the rest of my career with - Brian, Joel and Jessica.

I’m Marc Davison. I work at 1000watt. I help companies move from being regular to special - their rightful place.

Brian Boero


I have been in online real estate and media since 1997. Before that I worked in politics. Real estate has much nicer people. Before starting 1000watt in 2007 with Marc Davison, I was CEO of a company called VREO, which created e-signature and document management software for tablet PCs. Before that, I was President of Inman News. I live in Oakland, CA.

Joel Burslem

Chief Strategist

I’ve worked in marketing and technology my whole career. I’ve had several stints in media, startups and in other agencies over my career. Some of you may also remember the blog I started writing in 2006, the Future of Real Estate Marketing. I sold it to Inman News in 2007 and became their Director of Marketing and ultimately, their VP of Content. I joined 1000watt in 2009. I’m Canadian, but I live in Portland, OR, and am RCTID.

Jessica Swesey

Chief Wordsmith

I joined 1000watt in 2012 after working in online real estate and digital media for over 10 years. In addition to working with some of the top brands in real estate, I’ve done marketing, content development and PR for rising startups in the social, mobile and ad tech industries, as well as AARP. How’s that for well rounded? Before that, I was Managing Editor and VP of Content for Inman News. I love to lift heavy things and unplug on the weekends. I live in Oakland, CA.

Stephanie Woods

Director of Production

After selling my life possessions I made plans to travel the world for a year and I eventually I ended up moving to Portland, OR. Now almost every weekend I organize a camping trip with my friends and dog. My friends think I'm a nerd because even my adventures and meal plans are managed in a spreadsheet.

At 1000watt I organize and track your project and the team of artists and developers who are dedicated to making your project a success. No matter what you ask, I got you covered with ​my​ years of experience working at various marketing agencies and software development firms.

Corina Allender


After graduating from college, I left the cold winters of Massachusetts to return to my native Oregon. Armed with a Women's Studies degree, I sampled a few workplaces before finding my way to marketing. With an eye for the big picture, I enjoy executing projects both large and small. I relish planning trips, parties, menus and adventures; organizing, calculating and brainstorming is all part of the fun! In my spare time l jet off to faraway places, make up recipes and bike far distances.

Eddie Lobonovskiy

Senior Designer

I was born and raised in Eastern Europe and have been drawn to the graphic arts since childhood. I studied at the Art School of Baranovichi for seven years, where I combined my interest with formal training in painting, freehand, sculpture, and composition. My web design career began unofficially sixteen years ago when I was first exposed to Photoshop 3.0 and its seemingly endless capabilities.

Christian Segura

Senior Web Developer/Designer

I’ve worked in web development and design for the better part of a decade after obtaining a degree in web design and interactive media. I worked for a number of national and international brands and advertising agencies in Los Angeles before finding my new home in Portland. The world of code and design is an ever changing place and, just like a good website, it's important to be responsive and keep up with the latest languages and best practices in order to create the best experience. In my spare time you can find me playing guitar, hiking and snowboarding, or on the hunt for the best breakfast around.

Scott Ballard


With over 10 years working in film in New Orleans, New York and Boston, I now call Portland, Oregon home. My work as Director and Director of Photography has played in festivals around the world garnering several awards. This experience behind the camera is not only applied to continued narrative works, but also toward creative commercial work.

Dicky Dahl


I sang for the art-pop band Stratotanker in New York City, planted trees amongst the Mayans of highland Guatemala and herded goats in the Spanish Sierra Nevada before turning my attention to independent filmmaking. I co-wrote and produced The Ballad of Ramblin’ Jack, a documentary portrait of Ramblin’ Jack Elliott that won the Special Jury Prize for Artistic Achievement at Sundance and received wide theatrical distribution. The Curio, a dramatic feature to be released in 2015, marks my directorial debut. I’m a co-founder of Great Notion, a Portland, Oregon-based filmmaker cooperative devoted to bringing feature film-level quality and creativity to commercial video production.

Darcy Walker

Project Coordinator

I have a journalism and multimedia background that spans from studying foreign correspondence in Austria and running social media accounts for property management companies to decorating film sets for true-crime show reenactments and marketing documentary films. I most recently worked in marketing and graphic design for an engineering consulting firm. My current side missions: learn how to draw, run more than a mile, backpack the Enchantment Lakes in the North Cascades, listen to every episode of This American Life, travel to Patagonia, talk to more strangers. I’m inspired by my siblings (one brother, two poodles), free-spirited (retired) parents, and Rachel Maddow.

Soo Kim


I make your ideas come to life. I work with clients to help them translate their goals and aspirations into a visual reality. I studied graphic design at UCLA, with an emphasis on interactive web design. Although I’m mostly designing for screens these days, I always relish an opportunity to help our clients with print design and branding. I’ve been with 1000Watt since 2008 and have helped design and produce countless (which I haven’t counted) web projects. Outside work I practice drawing, painting, and photography.