Turpin Realtors

Turpin Realtors

Reposition a company to reach a new demographic.


Turpin Realtors had a unique challenge. They owned the luxury category of their market in New Jersey. Homes they represented often sold for many millions of dollars. Their goal was to extend their brand laterally into the emerging mid-tier of the market without forgoing their traditional position at the high-end.


The Turpin brand name and reputation were sterling: loaded with goodwill that several generations had built up. But we had to go deeper to find a new path for them. 1000watt undertook an extensive brand examination and customer journey exercise and created several personas based off of key client types the brand was targeting.

Our work culminated in the creation of a new marketing campaign and tagline - Life Here is Grand.


  • Marketing strategy
  • Story and messaging
  • Tagline
  • Visual identity design
  • Website design
  • Collateral and print design


The Life Here is Grand campaign was debuted by Turpin Realtors in the Fall of 2016 to great excitement. A new website launched in January 2017.

1000watt also helped reshape the company's collateral materials, listing presentation and advertising to bring these assets in line with the new story.

Website design

Print collateral


Working with 1000watt was a fascinating and rewarding experience. We were challenged to consider our brand from new perspectives, occasionally even venturing past our comfort zone. 1000watt's creative thought process and detailed project management was impressive. The result was an extremely thoughtful and versatile retooling of our brand message, with deliverables that promise to have legs well-beyond their immediate application.


John Turpin

President & CEO of Turpin Realtors