The Group

A legendary company gets a story and identity to reflect its vision for a better world.

  • Positioning
  • Messaging
  • Brand Story
  • Logo Design 
  • Brand Identity

Founded in 1976 by Larry Kendall of Ninja Selling, The Group pioneered the concept of agent ownership. Today, each agent shares ownership of the business, which attracts top-tier agents who want to achieve financial freedom.

The Group’s problems were familiar — a strong company, quality leadership and agents, obscured by an old look and an outdated story. They wanted a new brand campaign to convey their belief system and an identity that felt polished and modern. 

We began by creating a framework for the brand by identifying its world view,  mission, vision and brand characteristics. With our strategic foundation set, we moved on to external messaging.

The Group’s belief system came to life through a brand manifesto — a declarative, emotive statement we craft that acts as the summation of the company’s storyline. 

We capped off the brand story with a new campaign slogan, “Build Amazing Things,” to position The Group as a responsible corporate citizen that uses real estate as a means to creating personal wealth, stronger communities and personal well-being. The slogan embodies how the company continually builds upon its success by improving the lives of those around them.

The Group’s former logo was part capital, part lowercase G. Part sharp lines, part curved ones. It was set to a color palette that didn’t represent or stand up to the stature of the company it identified. 

The new logo is somewhere between an evolution and revolution. It takes a modern, sans serif font for the wordmark and and pairs it with a logomark in the shape of an abstract G. It feels both modern and retro — an homage to the company’s past, present and future.

The three shapes that comprise the mark form the basis for the brand’s identity system. We used the shapes to frame images and highlight copy. The shapes are a window into the life and landscape of Northern Colorado. 

The new color palette is also evocative of the Northern Colorado region. It honors the original inspiration for the color palette — the blue sky, white snow, green trees and purple mountains — while toning down the bright, contrasting tones. The result is softer hues that mimic the natural surroundings of the area while presenting a company that is firmly rooted in its vision for the future.

"The journey that we embarked on with your team was one that truly gave us important reflective time to peer into the culture, values, and beliefs we hold as an organization. It was so much more than design work. It was a deep analysis of how our internal beliefs and views matched with the outside perceptions and understanding of our community, our customers, and our industry. The collaboration and teamwork to truly capture the essence of our brokerage was a very fruitful experience. Out of this experience came an entire system by which we communicate our just cause, our value proposition to the people and communities we serve, and the identity that we represent. We are so grateful for the creative work and expression that the entire 1000watt team has created for us. On behalf of everyone at The Group we want to thank you for the most professional, and thoughtful creative collaboration we have experienced."
Brandon Wells
The Group Inc. / Group Financial Partners,