A regional brand competes at a new level.

  • Competitive Analysis
  • Positioning and Messaging
  • Logo and Identity System Design
  • Copywriting
  • Collateral Design
  • Video Scripting and Production

Sereno had always led with mission and heart in the fiercely competitive Northern California real estate market. Having recently acquired a competitor and facing intense challenge from venture-backed companies, it was time to take the brand to the next level. 

Perspective & Vision

In a region and market defined by change, Sereno stood as constant at the horizon line, offering a different perspective on what a real estate company could be. We built this notion into the very foundation of their new identity.

The horizon line built within the Sereno logo perfectly bisects the word mark, helping to balance its asymmetry. The horizon line can extend infinitely to the right to reinforce the idea of possibility and balance.

Nostalgia as a conceptual driver

The idea of nostalgia surfaced in our discussions with Sereno’s founders, who held to a community-focused vision. We reflected this in both copy and imagery. 

A brand that identified so deeply with the communities it served had to reflect a sense of place everywhere. The color palette was drawn from the local Northern California landscape to reinforce this idea.

Photo Textures

One of the more unconventional and inspired moments of the identity system took form around what we call Photographic Textures. As we considered the theme of nostalgia from our creative brief, and the way we might bring imagery to life through this lens, we developed a custom effect that renders photography in the same way a slide projector would cast family photos on the walls of our childhood homes.

What we assert with this approach is that it isn’t the crisp fidelity of a high-resolution image nor a perfectly calibrated color frequency that connects with our memories, instead, it’s the emotional imprint those memories made on us that occupy a special place in our minds and hearts.

Handcrafted elements

We created hand-painted elements we named contours that served as abstract interpretations of the regional landscape. These motifs would become an integral part of the visual system, touching everything from the company website to yard signs.

Taking the past into the future

Sereno’s old logo was a simple yet evocative illustration of a house many in the company had a lasting connection with. We honored this old mark by reimagining it in the form of what we called an “Heirloom” that would serve as a mark of pride.

As we considered how to bring the brand to life through apparel, we imagined how one would wear the brand. We established a brand vibe that felt comfortable and at home within the communities it lives and serves.

1% For Good

Since its founding, Sereno had committed a portion of its profits to investment in the communities it served. 

This was an important component of the system we created, not an afterthought.

It was a tremendous honor and experience working with 1000watt. Their team captured the essence of Sereno Group, something we have tried for many years to articulate but always fell short. The feedback and excitement throughout our company has been tremendous.
Ryan Iwanaga
Co-Founder and Chief Experience Officer