Realty Austin

Realty Austin

A new identity system and logo for a company stepping on the gas.


Realty Austin has rocketed to market leadership with brains, vision and relentless execution. Our job: make the brand identity as great as the company itself - to demonstrate that Realty Austin is a cut above.


Realty Austin is independent and locally owned. These things matter in Austin. We designed the identity system to reflect the character and tone of this place. At the foundation of the identity system was a 50/50 grid that beautifully reinforces a consistent approach across all agent marketing materials and beyond.


  • Brand story and attributes
  • Color palette, typography, photo styles
  • Identity system: logo, grid, signage
  • Environmental/office design concepts
  • Agent marketing materials


The new identity was revealed at an all-company event in November. Agents responded with excitement, cheers and a sing-along to Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin’ (really, they were pumped!). The new identity will begin rolling out immediately - including within three new offices that will fully reflect the new Realty Austin brand.