A household name in commercial real estate needed to establish itself in a competitive residential market.
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  • Communication Strategy
  • Brand Story
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Brand Identity
The Morley family has been a local name in Bahamian real estate since 1942, playing an integral role in the commercial development of the islands. So when they opened up a residential division, they needed to re-establish their name as an expert in a new space. We dove deep to create a brand story and identity that showcased their roots and set them up for the future.

A symbol and a promise

The pineapple featured prominently in Morley’s previous logo is an international symbol of hospitality — but we learned through our on-site discovery that to locals, it’s synonymous with the Morley name.

The fruit became the center of inspiration for the identity system we designed around the new brand story. We pulled hues and shapes from the pineapple husk to develop letterforms, shapes and a color palette that pays homage to company’s history, while giving it a more contemporary look.

New life for an old icon

We abandoned the pineapple as part of the logo itself, and instead designed a seal to pay homage to the symbol in specific instances and dial up the sophistication. The design was inspired by the brand’s heritage and the islands’ history. When engraved, it serves as a more tactile expression of the brand.

In terms of the company’s two distinct lines of business – commercial and residential brokerage and leasing services – we decided to use the color pallette as a means of distinguishing the two.

Extra embellishments that add flavor and dimension

To further strengthen the brand’s connection to its locale we created a series of vintage maritime drawings. When combined, the drawings form a pattern that brings out a playful side to Morley’s story of longevity and heritage.

Telling Morley’s story to the world

We wrote, designed and built a dedicated microsite to bring the new story and visual identity to life, and to show the people behind the company.

Professional and playful

To help Morley fully express their new identity on social media, we created fun pops of color to bring their posts to life and help the brand stand out in a way that is truly them.

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Patty Birch
Managing Broker