Michael Saunders & Company

An iconic real estate company gets a new brand campaign.

Michael Saunders & Company is the leading real estate broker on Florida’s Gulf Coast. The brand and its founder are legendary. Our job was to reconnect the brand to its roots and create a bold campaign and visual system to carry it forward.

It all started with a tagline, “Nowhere but here.”

After we established the strategy and brand story that would underpin everything, we got to work on a vibrant new visual system, inspired by the colors and textures of the beautiful Gulf Coast. And we had fun expressing that bold new system across numerous brand touchpoints.

We then took the new tagline, brand story and visual system, and created a campaign to light up the market. This included a full complement of signage, ads, content, swag and a microsite to anchor the campaign and story. We spent a week researching, writing and photographing the area to produce stunning imagery that brought their communities to life.

Creating a destination

We designed and built the “Nowhere but here” microsite to serve as the anchor point of the campaign: a place where agents and the public can go to learn about Michael Saunders & Company’s roots and ties to the local communities.