McEnearney Associates

McEnearney Associates

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McEnearney Associates is a mid-sized luxury brokerage, headquartered in Virginia and serving the hypercompetitive DC real estate market. New competition and shifting market dynamics presented them with challenges, but the company possessed top agents, committed leadership and a reputation for doing the right thing.

1000watt got to work creating a new marketing campaign that played on the brand’s strengths while generating more energy, cachet and engagement among both consumers and agents.


In the kickoff meeting with McEnearney ownership, leadership and agents, 1000watt gained a clear understanding of the brand’s basic truths. From this work came the tagline “there when it counts” and a marketing campaign that focused on the experience of the company’s agents and leadership.

We designed print advertising, outdoor advertising, digital advertising and recruiting materials that delivered a clear, compelling, visually resonant representation of McEnearney Associates’ brand throughout the DC area.


  • Brand Story and Message
  • Marketing Campaign Strategy
  • Marketing Collateral Design
  • Advertising Creative
  • Copywriting


The launch of the new campaign in the fall of 2016 was met with excitement by McEnearney agents who felt a renewed energy, both inside the company and among consumers.

Brand Identity

Campaign Design


The 1000watt team really ‘got’ McEnearney Associates. We brought them in to refresh our overall marketing strategy, and we got that and a lot more. They have a process that works — they assessed our needs, took the time to thoroughly research our strengths and weaknesses, got to know our agents, staff and management team, and made an objective examination of the competition. Then they went to work on the creative side, and it was clear from the outset why they have earned their reputation as the best in our industry at what they do. When they were ready to recommend our new marketing theme, they walked us through the art and the science of how they got there. "There when it counts" instantly resonated with our team, not just because it is a great and memorable phrase, but because it really captures who we are as a company.


David Howell

EVP & CIO, McEnearney Associates, Inc. REALTORS