A real estate startup goes from stealth to stardom.

  • Positioning
  • Messaging
  • Brand Story
  • Content Marketing
  • Integrated Campaign

First is a venture-backed company with a killer product they had refined, slightly under the radar, before they came to us. With the product proven, it was time to make some noise. The challenge was to present the company to the real estate agent and broker community in a way that was immediately understood and spoke to both the head and heart.

First uses data science and artificial intelligence to help real estate pros predict which people in their personal sphere or network are likely to sell in the near future. Unlike other companies using data to predict homeowner behavior, First’s approach is focused on the relationships an agent already has. Making that critical difference clear – and explaining the power inherent in that focus – was our most important task. We then needed to explain First in ways that connected viscerally with prospective customers. In other words, we needed to hit the right notes of pain avoidance and success seeking for their agent and team customer.

“Branding and positioning are often frustratingly immeasurable, but after working with 1000watt it's hard to argue with the results. They helped us refine, focus and build out our core identity as a company, which has accelerated everything from product development to connecting with customers.”
Mike Schneider
Co-founder and CEO