Cherry Creek Mortgage

Cherry Creek Mortgage

Sharpen the brand’s story for both internal and external messaging and modernize the visuals.


Cherry Creek Mortgage is one of the largest non-bank mortgage lenders in the U.S. On the outside, the brand had started to look dated, and the message being portrayed wasn’t doing a good job at reflecting the depth and difference of this organization. They needed a revamp of both the words and visuals used in telling their brand story in order to reach consumers, real estate professionals and loan officers both inside and outside the company.


We started by getting to the core of Cherry Creek’s difference and refocusing the brand story on the care and “people-first” mentality that had come to define them after 30 years in business. We transformed the brand’s longstanding tagline, “A tradition of trust” into “Built with trust” and came up with marketing campaigns to support that core mantra. We redesigned the corporate website to focus on the brand’s core story and value and gave it a facelift to give it a more modern look while complementing the brand’s history.


  • Brand Story Development
  • Print Materials
  • Social Ads
  • Brand Video
  • Website Design & Copy
  • Website Launch Campaign


Cherry Creek started releasing new designs featuring the newly polished brand story to its loan officers in early 2017 with much success. The company launched its public website in May 2017 with huge success and overwhelmingly positive feedback from its loan officers and branch managers. We continue to work with Cherry Creek on strategizing and executing marketing and advertising materials that bring their new story to market.

Brand Story Development

Website Design