Create an elegant, mobile-friendly mortgage tool to engage borrowers.


CapCenter needed a comprehensive mortgage tool for its website visitors that would give them enough details about a loan and potential savings without overwhelming them. They wanted to be able to show how a payment would break down as well as how the overall savings would break down for each user. And they needed to wrap it in a message and copy that made sense for their business and their ideal customer.


We got to work mapping out core functionality and determining which fields and information were relevant at which stages of the tool. For visuals, we needed to find a balance between modern and easy-to-use and informative enough to be useful. We also wanted to add value where competitors were not in the amount of detail that could be discovered within the tool when using. And we had to heavily consider mobile users, ensuring everything was easily swipe-able, tap-able and readable on a small screen.


  • Information architecture
  • Wireframes
  • Website design & copy
  • Front-end code


CapCenter launched the new tool and accompanying web design in 2016 with success.

Website design