A lender and service provider needed a way to engage website visitors and convey savings.

  • Messaging
  • UX
  • Web Application Design
  • Responsive Web Design

CapCenter offers real estate consumers a way to get a loan and purchase a home under one roof, enjoying big savings in the process. They came to us in 2015 looking for a way to enable visitors to their website to calculate their savings and start a conversation with the company.

They had a valuable tool users could use to do this, so we got to work designing a homepage experience to get site visitors into the tool right away. We included benefit-driven copy, as well as a customer testimonial to support claims and help establish trust early.

Avoiding overwhelm

When it comes to mortgage tools, the more information a user can input the more specific and accurate the results are going to be. But one of the challenges with having lots of information is creating overwhelming in the design with too many fields and too many data points. Our approach was to break the tool into three main layers to create a friendlier experience, and to give the user an easy way to compare their results by interest rate.

Clear paths to action

We also wanted to create very clear calls to action throughout the tool to help users take the next step when they were ready, which we accomplished with bright colors and buttons and visual cues to help users see how to compare interest rates and jump between the results.

Detailed breakdown

It was important to show users how their projected savings broke down so they could understand and trust the information they received in using the tool. We gave this information its own tab to keep it readable and emphasize its importance.