Bank Shot

Bank Shot

Fashion a meaningful brand to match a powerful product.


When the founders of Bank Shot came to us, they had a slick mobile app built to solve a real problem in real estate brokerages across the country: paper checks.

They came to 1000watt with no name, visual identity or story. We got to work identifying the key characteristics that would help us name this new B2B app for real estate.


We wanted to get right to the problems and solutions surrounding this product, bypassing the technical jargon or plain jane value statements everyone else was using.

We also needed a clear name and message that conveyed the value to brokers, agents, banks, and title and escrow companies without confusion.

We built a brand story and identity around time, efficiency and security. We considered the size and shape of the app’s icon for a mobile device early in the design thinking - knowing that this brand’s main gateway to its users would be through that icon.


  • Story and Messaging
  • Strategy
  • Brand Naming
  • Logo/Visual Identity Design
  • Website Design
  • Front-end Coding


The Bank Shot brand launched to its users and the public with great reception. The marketing team has clear direction in its messaging. They’ve received positive press mentions, grown their partnerships with major banks and added agents and broker users in droves.

Logo/Visual Identity Design

Website Design


The brand and messaging work 1000watt did for us is priceless. Our product name has been positively received, and all of the work provided to keep our message consistent is outstanding. We couldn't have picked a better partner to get us to this point.


Glenn Drake