Alain Pinel Realtors

A legendary company re-discovers its voice.

  • Positioning
  • Content Strategy
  • Communication Strategy
  • Messaging
  • Advertising Campaign
  • Photography
  • Brand Story
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Alain Pinel, an indepently owned and operated Bay Area brokerage is an icon for what professional real estate services should be. In a tumultous market like the Bay Area, competition is fierce. Our efforts were spent primarily on articulating the Alain Pinel story, defining and doubling down on their position, and crafting experiences that would set them apart from other business-as-usual brokerages in the area.

Telling stories at the neighborhood level

Real estate in the Bay Area is nuanced. What makes communities, towns and neighborhoods unique can shift dramatically over a small period of time. 1000watt responded to this opportunity by crafting a strategic approach to the way Alain Pinel could tell these stories.

We focused on creating profiles of communities that felt candid, relatable and honest. We partnered with company managers and agents in regional offices to help us shape the narrative from a local point of view, and shot the photography in a photojournalistic style.

We also designed the digital experience that housed all of this custom content, weaving the Alain Pinel brand and value proposition throughout.

James Hill, Photographer

The right story

Often, the communication challenges large organizations face are due in part to too many people saying things too many ways. 1000watt helped Alain Pinel tackle this by crafting well-developed personas. We also developed an in-depth Competitive Reference Guide that provided a wealth of background along strengths and weaknesses for each and every competitor in Alain Pinel’s market.

Bringing a brand story to life across channels is an exciting challenge. Our strategy focused on bringing APR customers’ real estate ‘moment’ to life. From writing and designing an ad campaign, to the production of an anthem video, our team considered an array of places and media through which to convey the meaning and emotion intrinsic to the Alain Pinel brand story.