What is it?


Turn On is a two-day event in Portland, Oregon that delivers inspiration from people inside real estate and far outside of it. The format is talks, workshops, performances, and conversations. No panels, no pitches, no sponsors.


Is it at a hotel?


No. Hotels are where people go to sleep. Turn On happens at Portland’s fantastic Gerding Theater.

Because theaters are where people go to be moved. There are tons of cool hotels (and great bars and restaurants) surrounding the theater. Check them out here


Who is it for?


Turn On is for business and marketing people across residential real estate. It’s not a broker event, or an MLS event, or teams event. More than anything it’s a People Who Like to Think Big>event.


Who will be onstage?


We have industry CEOs doing the unexpected, a scientist, a general, a shaman, a famous real estate coach, a philosopher, a kick-ass band, and more. Trust us, it works. Check out our full schedule and list of presenters!


Will there be networking?


Heck yeah. We’ve designed the event to maximize connections. Turn On is not a mega-convention. It’s a close gathering of a few hundred people.  


Why should you come?


As Einstein famously posited about doing the same thing and expecting different results…. Turn On is something different. You’ll leave energized and ready for whatever 2023 brings.