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Brian Boero

Co-founder, 1000WATT


Brian has been in real estate media, marketing and technology since 1997. Before Co-Founding 1000WATT, Brian served as President of Inman, real estate’s leading trade media company.

Marc Davison

Co-founder, 1000WATT


Marc has spent much of his career helping brands say something authentic and new. Marc’s 40 years of brand-building experience has helped many real estate companies discover their true brilliance and differentiation.

Jenny Arden

Chief Design Officer, Zillow


As Chief Design Officer, Jenny leads product design and research for Zillow Group brands, supporting the development of innovative new products and improving the user experience with high-quality design. She is focused on fostering a customer-focused culture, creating world-class digital experiences, and ultimately solving user pain points so they can unlock life’s next chapter.

Michelle Berman-Mikel

CEO, Berman Media


Michelle Berman-Mikel isn’t just any Instagram Prospecting coach; she’s a beacon of grit and guidance in the world of real estate and loan officers, nationally recognized for transforming the way professionals harness the power of social media. As the visionary behind Berman Media PD and the innovative creator of Beyond The Method™️, Michelle masterfully teaches how to delve into the minds of ideal clients, leveraging your existing data to turn Instagram from a casual platform into a dynamic, lead-generating powerhouse.

Dominic Cardoso

Founder, Milwaukie AI


Dominic brings 15 years of creative services and partnerships with entities such as NASA, Netflix, and Nintendo. He shifted his focus to Generative AI after beta testing art and ethics for OpenAI’s DALLE-2. His roles have varied from marketing at Mo Labs AI to providing AI education through the MIT Media Lab and enhancing AI marketing and processes with a Microsoft partner. He currently leads Milwaukie AI, where he streamlines prompt engineering and crafts AI business solutions to improve creative and strategic outcomes.

Lauren Dempsey

Dempsey Group, Team Leader


I’ve always loved Real Estate and I have my dad to thank for my decision to work in the industry. I would often help him with home improvement projects as a kid and he would talk to me about the importance of buying property as soon as I was able. I took these lessons to heart, and one of the first things I did after graduating from the U.S. Naval Academy in 2008 bought my first home, a condo in San Diego. Not only did I love the home buying experience, but I learned early on that homeownership helped me build wealth and instilled in me a sense of pride in what I was capable of doing on my own.

April Dunford

Positioning consultant, speaker, and author


April is one of the world’s foremost authorities on positioning and storytelling, having spent 25 years as a marketing executive at a series of successful startups and advising more than 200 companies from growing startups to some of the biggest companies in the world. She is the author of “Obviously Awesome” and “Sales Pitch.”

Jessica Edgerton

Chief Legal Officer & EVP of Industry & Learning, Leading Real Estate Companies of the World


As executive vice president of operations and corporate counsel for Leading Real Estate Companies of the World® (LeadingRE), Jessica Edgerton oversees key operational areas, including technology, learning and development.

Ann Handley

Partner, MarketingProfs


Ann is a Wall Street Journal bestselling author, the Chief Content Officer at MarketingProfs, and a world-renowned speaker. Ann’s books have been translated into 19 languages and she has contributed commentary and bylines to Entrepreneur, Inc, NPR and other top media outlets.

Heather Harmon

Founder, Startup Advisor, VC Operating Partner


Heather is a third generation real estate broker (Harmon Real Estate), her first job in proptech was over 30 years ago (LandLord Protection Service), and recently she co-founded a venture backed proptech company (RedDoor) and sold it to Opendoor. Over the last year she has consulted and advised over 100 startups and serves as a partner to two VC’s. She also invests in small business turnarounds and is building her own real estate and angel investment portfolio.

Amit Kulkarni

Chief Marketing Officer, Bright MLS


As Chief Marketing Officer for Bright MLS, Amit Kulkarni leads the company’s integrated marketing and brand strategy. Amit is an award-winning creative expert with a passion for storytelling and has over two decades of experience in the industry. Previously, he led the brand team for Realtor.com, where he built the company’s in-house agency and, in the process, helped grow the site’s audience to over 100 million monthly unique users. After beginning his career in marketing with a full-service capital advisory firm, he gained real estate industry experience leading marketing, IT, E-commerce and mortgage divisions for a northern Virginia brokerage.

Byron Lazine

Co-Founder, BAM and Team Leader of The One Team at William Raveis


Byron Lazine is the co-founder of BAM (nowbam.com) and Team Leader of The One Team at William Raveis, the #1 total transaction team in Connecticut. He appears daily on the Hot Sheet, the industry’s only daily live news show online, and weekly on The Real Word and Knowledge Brokers Podcast. You can also find Byron speaking at industry events across the nation.

Jochen Lucke

CEO, Silver Creek Real Estate Group


Jochen is a real estate broker, developer, general contractor, and publisher of NC Living magazine. He is driven by an indomitable entrepreneurial spirit and a deep conviction in the power of innovative marketing. His passion for the industry and cutting-edge marketing strategy form the foundations of his philosophy, which cultivates growth and forges robust, long-lasting client relationships.

Mike Lyon

President, Do You Convert


Mike Lyon is the Author of Browsers to Buyers and the Founder of Do You Convert, a consulting agency that exclusively serves homebuilders. He loves delivering the spicy hot takes and getting standing ovations for his talks.

Jimmy Mackin

CEO, Curaytor


Jimmy Mackin is one of real estate’s most compelling marketers and brilliant strategists. He has grown Curaytor to over $10 million in annual recurring revenue and has been featured in Forbes, Inc, The Huffington Post, USA Today, and American Express Open Forum. In 2019, Jimmy co-authored Exactly What to Say For Real Estate Agents, a bestselling book designed to help real estate agents with the most common, critical, and difficult questions they face.

Shannon McGahn

Chief Advocacy Officer for the National Association of REALTORS®


Shannon McGahn is the Chief Advocacy Officer for the National Association of REALTORS®. McGahn is responsible for managing NAR’s Federal Legislative and Political Affairs and Political Representative teams. Before joining NAR, McGahn served as the staff director for the House Financial Services Committee and, prior to that, as a counselor to the United States Treasury Secretary. She also held communications roles for three members of House Leadership during her near 20-year Capitol Hill career.

Jack Miller

President and CEO, T3 Sixty


Jack is responsible for the overall management and financial health of T3 Sixty. He previously served as T3 Sixty’s chief technology officer and lead of T3 Fellows, a division of T3 Sixty. He has two decades of real estate industry experience with management roles in franchising, franchise ownership and brokerage. Prior to joining the real estate industry, Jack worked in multiple technology startup companies including as a partner and investor. He is a consistent contributor to the Swanepoel Trends Report, as well as various white papers and abstracts on technology.

Kate Nutting

Strategist, 1000WATT


Kate has built her career driving effective communication and productive collaboration, while both shaping and executing on brand strategies and marketing efforts. She has managed brands in proptech (Vacasa), fintech (Simple) and mortgage (Umpqua Bank), and works with 1000WATT clients every day to develop breakthrough strategies.

Sean O’Toole

Founder, Property Radar


Sean has spent 20+ years at the nexus of property data and marketing. Prior to launching PropertyRadar, he successfully purchased and flipped more than 150 residential and commercial foreclosures, where he used technology as a key competitive advantage. Sean has always thrived in start-up environments, and as such, became a key contributor at Xing Technology (acquired by Real Networks), ISI/GlobalCenter (acquired by Global Crossing), and Icarian, Inc. (acquired by Workstream, Inc.).

Ken Pozek

Team Lead at the Pozek Group


Ken Pozek is the team leader and head of creative at the Pozek Group. A media-forward real estate team that sold 500 homes for $258M in 2023 alone. After building a successful team in his hometown of Detroit, Ken and his family relocated to Orlando in 2016. Seeking out better weather and to live a life by design. Over the past 7 years, Ken and his team of 34 have learned how to scale with media, and have become the go-to resource for all things Orlando.

Keith Robinson

Chief Strategy Officer, NextHome


Keith Robinson is the chief strategy officer for NextHome, Inc. He develops and oversees the implementation of key strategic business relationships to further our national growth. Keith has an extensive background in real estate, including experience in national business strategy, operations, sales training, recruitment, motivation, and effective marketing. His collaborative approach fosters the development of successful, long-term results-driven partnerships for NextHome members.

Sharran Srivatsaa

President, Real


Sharran Srivatsaa is the President of Real, the fastest-growing, publicly-traded, real estate brokerage in the world. Sharran grew Teles Properties by 10x in 5 years to $3.4 Billion in sales and sold the business to Douglas Elliman. He is the Chairman of private equity firm Highland Prime which focuses on investing in service businesses and also the Chairman of ARC Multifamily Group which focuses on value-add multifamily investment projects.

Brandon Sonnier

Creative Director, 1000WATT


Brandon A.F. Sonnier is a multidisciplinary designer and creative director focusing on brand identity, design strategy, and creative leadership. He creates detailed, imaginative, and holistic solutions to design challenges and brand building. Brandon has been with 1000WATT for 5 years working on identity systems for real estate brands of all sizes.

Originally from South Louisiana, he studied at Parsons School of Design in New York City before moving out West.

Amy Stockberger

Broker/Owner, Amy Stockberger Real Estate


With over two decades of industry expertise, Amy Stockberger is the visionary founder of Amy Stockberger Real Estate and leads South Dakota’s top-producing team since 2017, fueled by her innovative Lifetime Home Support™ model. Embracing a service-first ethos and fostering Servepreneurship, Amy strategically maximizes client Lifetime Value with an impressive 80% referral and repeat business. Amy empowers agents globally with tailored playbooks for growth,offering a comprehensive solution for keeping clients for life, emphasizing revenue diversification beyond commissions and agent retention.

Andrew Strickman

Chief Marketing Officer, New American Funding


Andrew leads a team of more than 50 marketers across digital and performance, social media, content and storytelling, email, editorial, creative, operations, and an in-house print shop, while evolving and growing NAF’s efforts in brand, events, insights, strategy and audience marketing. Prior to NAF, Andrew was Head of Brand and Chief Creative Officer at realtor.com.

Dr. Lisa Sturtevant

Chief Economist, Bright MLS


Dr. Lisa Sturtevant leads research, reporting and insights from Bright’s comprehensive array of real estate data. Dr. Sturtevant has more than 20 years of experience, including with REALTOR® associations, affordable housing non-profit organizations, and universities. She is currently conducting qualitative and quantitative research on real estate consumer behavior and the changing housing market.

Jessica Swesey

Chief Copywriter, 1000WATT


Jessica creates compelling brand strategies and messaging that connects. She has a nose for narrative that she developed in her years as a journalist, and a knack for finding the twist that helps brands stand out. Jessica was formerly Managing Editor and VP of Content at Inman, and has also worked in tech PR and content strategy across industries. She works with 1000WATT clients to express their truth clearly and powerfully.

Kat Torre

Brand Architect and Brand Strategy Chair, SERHANT


Kat Torre is the visionary behind The Brand Architect LLC, a global hub for third-culture entrepreneurs seeking to stand out in the business world. She is the Brand Chair at SERHANT. Ventures and co-host of the podcast for introverted entrepreneurs, Not Nice. Clever., which focuses on the areas of branding, marketing, money and manifesting.

Katherine Winston

Founder and Managing Partner, Equity Angels


Katherine Winston has been a founder, marketer, and educational content producer helping startups launch, grow, and exit for over twenty years. Her experience spans across technology, real estate, finance, law, entertainment, media, aerospace, and defense. Her forte is leveraging content, focused on creating owned media that augment a brand’s voice, producing results-driven experiences through educational and unforgettable events, and delivering earned media that matters.