Facebook and real estate

The "Marketplace" section of Facebook is rapidly filling with listings in the "Housing" category. In my neck of the woods (the San Francisco Bay Area), it’s been almost all apartment listings to date.

However today I came across two interesting posts that make me think this platform is going to become relevant for real estate very quickly.

"I need a Realtor that works in east or south bay, for at least 10 years of experience, an MBA degree or equivalent."

This post went out to a network of people tied together by common friends, interests and physical location. It’s not exactly close nit, but my guess is this poster will get solid referrals from people he either trusts personally or trusts because they are likely motivated by something other than a referral fee.

The second post was for a luxury condo down by Lake Merritt in Oakland. It concluded with:

"Call my Realtor ____________ @ 925-998-__________"

What’s great about this is that the listing is being marketed in a new channel. What’s troubling is that the consumer is leading her agent, who clearly has not taken the time to find out about the new channel.

My question: if the Facebook posting produces a buyer, will the consumer charge her agent a referral fee?

– Davison