You look marvelous

No amount of targeted marketing or laser-focused advertising can ever control who responds, inquires or decides to work with any of us. In the end, people seem to come together in ways that may appear random, but are anything but. This is what I’ve been reflecting on as we close out the year.

Business and life were especially full in 2021. At our last company standup of the year, we reminisced about projects, people and the things we were fortunate to create together. 

We worked with so many exciting, talented and successful clients this year, and got to do what we enjoy most — solve problems, collaborate with people and teams, and release new things into the world that didn’t exist before.

We deepened our bench of talent. Valerie Garcia joined us. She’s a bright light in our industry and someone I’ve wanted to work with for a long time. Elissa Hall and Mike McCoy came to us from outside the industry, deepening our skill set and giving us more opportunities to share the things we know and love about real estate.

We launched a membership program, and enjoyed diving deep into consumer insights, industry conversations, new ideas, and new people who’ve taught us a lot. We have even bigger plans for this next year.

2021 was an exciting year in our industry, which gave Brian a lot to unpack in Friday Flash, and the rest of us a lot to discuss. Between record growth and sales, new technology, acquisitions and evolutions, new possibilities and momentum seemed to emerge everywhere.

Real estate: you look marvelous.

Thanks to all of you who take the time to read our musings and follow our work. It’s an honor to know you. 

Have a wonderful break and see you next year.