You can't spin customer service


Never been their customer. Typically, their Euro cut doesn’t work on my Lilliputian physique. However, while in Tampa last week, I was lured in to one of their retail stores. And emerged two hours later – a customer.

It wasn’t the product that grabbed me. Clothes are clothes. It was the way I was greeted while window shopping. The greeter, a 6′ 3" salesperson, said the right thing. I entered and for two hours he waited on every whim, every fancy, every need. His name is Anthony Walker. I won’t forget him. And despite the Diesel stores here on the west coast, he’s the guy I plan on calling for my next purchase. 

Customer service. Diesel doesn’t try to spin it. They don’t tell me how they go the extra mile for me. They don’t pretend to be the changing face of fashion. They don’t beat their chest. They don’t need to.

Real estate relies on bones of clichéd slogans that hold no meat. Few companies in the industry have any organized commitment to over the top customer service.

Take the simple survey below. Learn if you’ve made a point to differentiate your company with something real:

We have a defined customer service promise in writing.    Yes    No

Every agent in our company is held accountable for upholding this promise.    Yes    No

Our service promise is published on our website and all of our collateral.    Yes    No

Our promise is backed by a guarantee.    Yes    No

Our customers are made aware of this promise and guarantee.    Yes    No

We solicit feedback from clients after a transaction to determine if we’re upholding our promise.    Yes    No

We post all feedback publicly on our website.    Yes    No

Our agents receive recognition or compensation for positive feedback responses.    Yes    No

All customers have direct access to our CEO.    Yes    No

We hold periodic consumer focus groups.    Yes    No

We make business decisions based on consumer feedback.    Yes    No

Here’s how you grade this:

If your "No’s" outnumber your "Yes’s" score – deem that unacceptable. Would you cut a check to someone for what today’s typical commission amounts to if you weren’t assured of a certain level of service?

My purpose is to suggest ways to shore up your value. If clients think they are getting something more than paper shuffling, a tour guide and shoulder to lean on, they will gladly pay for it.