Word association

Let’s play a little game of word association, OK? 

Here goes:


I’m going to go out on a limb and say your answers are something like, “investing,” “repairs,” “maintenance,” or “screening.”

Not exactly the stuff of aspiration and emotion. 

Which is kind of messed up, since, when you think about it a little bit, there’s all kinds of purposeful, powerful, life-changing territory to explore within property management. You just have to go there.

Home Services Property Management wanted to go there.  

HSPM’s President, Patrick Bain, and SVP of Business Development, Karen Reifert, along with Elena Solovyov, SVP of Marketing at Long & Foster (the brokerage giant from which HSPM originated) explained to us how the company practiced a decidedly human, purpose-driven form of property management up and down the east coast. 

But that wasn’t evident. The story wasn’t being told. The branding was arid, reinforcing the most life-drained of associations. HSPM looked like every other property management company. 

And that was a problem. A business problem. 

We got to work. 

We created positioning. Messaging. A full visual brand identity system. A vibrant website design with copy and imagery that communicated difference and higher purpose. 

In this new world, property management wasn’t to be received as “maintenance” or “screening,” but, rather, what it truly is: 

Helping build generational wealth

Taking care of people and homes

Providing security for families

HSPM broke the pattern. Dug deeper. And claimed new territory they can own with confidence. 

The company is on an ambitious growth trajectory, with a story to tell and a difference to make. 

Just a glimpse of the work is below. Check out the full case study here.