With Nudge update, email never looked so good

Our goal with Nudge is to make it easy for agents and brokers to create beautiful marketing that moves clients and prospects to action.

That means every Nudge has to be easily distributed on the web, onto social networks and also out to clients and prospects via email.

It’s that last piece that’s been the most challenging. Email is tough. We’ve always known Nudges sent by email have looked good… just not great.

That changes today.

We’ve just pushed an update to Nudge that brings our users’ design choices into the email that gets sent. If you know much about getting HTML email templates to render correctly across dozens of email clients – you know that this was no small undertaking!

Here’s an example:

Nudge screencap

We’re not stopping here. We already have the next round of enhancements into our development queue and many more ideas on the whiteboard.

We have honestly been floored by the response to the the new version of Nudge we released in October. Each week, hundreds of agents join us for our Nudge webinars, and many become customers.

Even more inspiring are brokers and agents like Jim Flanagan, Nikki Beauchamp and Gene Montemore (to name just a few) who really get it, and are creating amazing Nudges week in, week out.

If you’re a Nudge customer, log in today and send yourself a Nudge to see the new email templates. If you are not a Nudge customer, we’d love for you to try it out and take it for a spin. You always have a 30-day money-back guarantee.

So stay tuned for big things in 2013!