Who's online and what are they doing?


Just look at what Youth, Gen X and Gen Y are doing online.
Then look at how many of them are doing it.

Business Week Chart

That’s a 1/3 of their total population. 70,000,000+.

By all accounts, web based people tend to be smarter, more educated and earn more than non-web based people. This crowd will all be in the market for a home if they aren’t already.

What would go through their mind when they click on "full-service" websites view listings with no pictures, no local video content, no user generated content, no neighborhood data (schools, community profiles, nearby establishments – links to Chambers of Commerce don’t count) and a design layout from a by-gone age.

Just might explain why, in their minds at least, the only difference between a “discount agent” and regular agent is the fee.

This chart is very telling. It’s played a big part in why Toyota went completely online in their efforts to market  their new Scion.

– D